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Mis à jour le 26 Mai, 2013

  Coach's Welcome:
    For several years now, competitive swimming for the over 25's has undergone exponential growth. Within ACBB this fact has never been kept secret.

    Early in the 90's, a group of typical adults who wished to improve their swimming got together. At their request the swimming authorities put a sports programme into action, aimed at swimming technique derived from from specific advice. This was particularly noticeable in the areas of warm-up and muscular development. A reshuffle of technical staff in 1993 allowed me to tackle this group who had by then grown not only in size but also in skill.

    Our goal is not perfection but progression - performance does not come first, it is the love of training as a group together. Even though "hard work" is the crux of training, the value of our group lies in its individual strengths and its cohesion. It has the motto "Take pleasure first and foremost".

    From the 1996/1997 season onward, both individuals and relays have distinguished themselves at local, regional and national levels (182 French Championship titles and 72 French records). At full international level we have achieved 9 European Championship titles, 5 World Championship titles, 1 World Champion title, 2 European records and 2 World records). To add even more icing on the cake, during the first national Masters Interclub meet in January 2004 our group took 3rd place. This result was bettered in January 2005, when we moved up to 2nd place.

    Based on the summer and winter results of the French Masters' Open Championships, the FFN ranked the ACBB Masters' as 3rd in 2005.

    2006 marks a step forward and upward in our progression with our Masters Interclub National Meet victory as well as various team French Championship victories. We have overtaken great clubs such as CN Marseille, Bordeaux EC and RCF-ASPTT.

    This progress was cemented at the 2006 Winter French Championships in Dunkerque with a total haul of 57 medals of which 32 were gold. These include 13 French records and 1 European record, putting us top of the pile in terms of the number of medals at this national championship.

    Whether you're an ex-competitive swimmer wanting to return to the sport you love or an experienced swimmer wishing to improve your 4 strokes and maybe even looking to compete, the Masters ACBB may be the vehicle to your success.
If you would like to join us, why not learn more about us via this site.maybe even before you next take a dip in the Boulogne lido.

Olivier FAYOLLE -- 9 mars 2006
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